When Mitsuka told me that she's actually 30 years-old, I thought she was bullshitting. In fact, I was in such awe that I ended up showing her picture to a Japanese guy friend of mine, and asked him to guess how old she is. He’s Japanese, so he should see right through this, right? He replied 22. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Hottest goddamn MILF ever.

How perfect is she? She looks 22, but fucks like a 30 year-old. Can you imagine?

Mitsuka leaped into her first interracial sex experience full-force. Her tight petite body, soft manicured skin, freshly-shaved pussy, perky little tits, and voracious sexual appetite induced orgasm after orgasm. I should have kept an orgasm scoreboard handy. Underneath that innocent girly exterior thrives a lusty fuck-loving carnivore.

She blew. OMG, how she blew! Watching the video replay later, I couldn’t believe how deep she went. My old cock was treated like first-class royalty as it penetrated the back reaches of her welcoming throat.

Entering her was too damn good, so I soon requested cum permission and nutted massive load #1 all up into her perfect uterus, likely impregnating her with twins. Let’s go on to round 2…

The fuck festival ramped up in dynamics as I enjoyed Mitsuka’s tiny little body, adorable face, and hot orgasmic vocals. Oh wow…that voice of hers. It was a symphony of orgasms.

Mitsuka is well-versed in the ancient art of fucking, so not surprisingly I nutted a second time hard inside her as her peachy little ass rocked my cock in doggie.

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Format: video/mp4
Duration: 68:37 minutes

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