Nene Requests Caucasian Creampie Service

Nene Requests Caucasian Creampie Service
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Twenty-three years of age, but an extremely petite 146cm tall (4’9” for you Americans), Nene is 2cm shorter than past ultra-petite champion Emi. I soon learned that she has a ton of sensitivity packed into her tiny feminine body. With her creamy white skin and absolutely gorgeous soft natural breasts, I couldn’t wait to plunge my bareback dick into her tiny shaved pussy and just nut and nut until my semen well ran dry.

And that’s pretty much how it went down. Adorable and natural girls-next-door like Nene drive me fuckin’ crazy, so after feasting on her tiny puss, she returned the favor, innocently giggling while generously pleasuring my throbbing sperm stick.

I nutted inside her a few minutes after my well-blown cock entered her ultra-tight vaggie, knowing that her tight puss would surely make me cum again. Well into the round 2 fuck festival, I wanted to try standing doggie. She warned that it could be a challenge, so we had a laugh as I had to squat down to match her height.

Ending up back in missionary (J-girls seem to love this position), her little pussy caressed my dick like a velvet glove and a second wave of baby batter shot into her womb and dribbled out to make a lovely interracial creampie.

- Nene often says “hazukashii,” which means “I’m shy.” Each and every time isn’t subtitled.
- There’s some bonus BJ footage at the end from the POV camera.

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