Carla Cain X Jonathan Jordan Romantic Evening - PART ONE, Strip and Blowjob

Carla Cain X  Jonathan Jordan Romantic Evening - PART ONE, Strip and Blowjob
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Part 1 (Strip and Blowjob) - Carla and Jonathan find themselves ready for a sensual evening in their bedroom with lighting for the mood. With Jonathan laid out she kisses down his chest as she opens his shirt; getting him ready for a treat to come. Once undressed she lowers her head down to his cock and indulges in every inch of it. She takes a moment of kissing and caressing his balls along with licking them before heading up to his already hard shaft. With smooth tongue motions all down his meaty big black cock she sucks him with committed attention. Once ready, Jonathan gets up to Carla for missionary sex. It doesn't take long for her moans to start as he is fucking her with a strong and powerful stroke. He gets into grinding against her close, and leaning back to pound her pussy with her legs and high heels in the air. Carla decides to finish him off with a long and plentiful blowjob to worship his cock to completion; it's shown its prowess unduly. He finishes in her mouth and with that last exertion lays down with his exotic lover for the night.

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